Infinity IT is an IT company based in Ramallah, Palestine providing its clients with custom-made and ready-made (products) solutions. Despite the fact that Infinity IT had been established in 2010, the company had the chance to work with many clients from different industries; banking, governmental, NGOs, IT firms, etc. The great relationship with our clients, and their high level of satisfaction with our services led us to build a strong and reliable customer base.

Inside the company, you will find a certified, well-trained, educated, and professional team that gives the first impression to the customers and anyone opens the company doors; very well impression. Because we are a customer centric company, we also are aware of the fact that we have to take care of our employees and aware of build a comfortable work environment. Our work approach and the way of doing business we have, made us win the trust of different clients, locally and regionally; especially in Arab Gulf market.

We provide software solutions those really required by customers, and those can add a value to the customer environment and business. Infinity IT has innovated its services to be focused on ITIL, project management, content management, open platform mobile applications, and custom applications as per customer requirements and needs. We aim to provide software solutions that are not only match the client needs, but supersede their expectations as lateral thinking and out in-depth analysis of your business requirements allow our team to truly cater to the company’s requirements.


We provide the local and regional markets with software solutions such as; ITIL helpdesk, and projects and grants management solutions, library management, document management and archiving, custom-made applications and mobile applications (IOS, Android, Windows Phone, and open platform applications) based on the needs and requirements of clients. We also provide small – to – enterprise professional services in Microsoft and HP products and services.


We believe in the fact that we have to expand our business regionally and enter new markets with our unique and innovative products and services, and this is our aim.